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Eden Heights is one of the most unique real estate agencies in Nairobi, combining hands on experience and highly developed professional networks with a personal touch that is unparalleled in the field. Directors Vini and Evone have a passion for all things real estate and place a premium on client satisfaction over quick results. Specializing in Sales & Rentals, Property Management and Valuation, Eden Heights’ experience on a wide array of properties allows the company to tailor its services to your needs and create real estate solutions that work for you.

Vinod D. Shamji and Evone Selvarajah created Eden Heights in 2010 as an outlet for their growing passion for Nairobi real estate. Originally operating as the Lavington presence of one of the country’s lead real estate agencies, Eden Heights is now operating independently, distinguished by its professional services and personal touch. Approaching the industry with both a practical and theoretical background, the company’s hands-on strategy is informed by the latest industry research and trends.

Whether working on Sales & Rentals, Property Management or Valuation, Eden Heights’ vast professional and technical networks ensure that clients are seeing the best listings and working with Nairobi’s most reputable service providers. These relationships with the city’s top real estate minds and developers are carefully maintained through mutual assistance so that Eden Heights’ clients can benefit from the best in the business.

The company selectively limits the properties that it works with and sorts through listings with a tireless emphasis on finding the right match for each client, regardless of how long it takes. Eden Heights’ professionalism is distinguished by its personal business style and a long-term approach to client satisfaction that ensures they are working in your best interests.

Vinod (Vini) D. Shamji Managing Director

  • Mobile:+254721700363

Vini transitioned smoothly into real estate from automotive sales, a background that has enabled him to work the market in his clients’ favour. He is the driving force behind Eden Heights’ expanding property management portfolio and constantly strives to increase the company’s exposure and networks within the industry.

Evone Selvarajah Founder / Sales Director

  • Mobile:+254733288292

Evone brings a background in sales and marketing and experience in dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds to her work at Eden Heights. Entering the real estate field in 2009, it was love at first sale and she has never looked back, Evone is passionate about settling families down in their new homes. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Valuations and Property Management.



Sales & Rentals

We work closely with our clients to make sure they get what they need, whether it’s finding them the perfect home or working on behalf of owners to optimise their property.

Property Management

Our experience in property management covers residential and commercial buildings of varying sizes and styles, allowing us to make ownership of any property hassle free.


Offering residential, commercial, plant, fittings and furniture valuation services, amongst others, our professional team of registered valuers takes guesswork out of the equation.

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