As we look towards a bright 2024, Eden Heights Realty takes immense pride in reflecting on the milestones and achievements that have defined our journey in 2023. It has been a year of growth, recognition, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

An Award-Winning Agency

We were delighted at our acknowledgement in the prestigious African Excellence Awards. We were humbled to be recognised by MEA Markets as one of this year’s outstanding organisations that contributed to Africa’s standing as a global economic powerhouse, achieving the Best High-End Property Management Estate Agency 2023 – Nairobi award.

In addition to this momentous achievement, we also claimed victory in the esteemed Real Estate 100 Awards. Voted among the Best Property Managers and Agency in 2023, this recognition further highlighted our commitment to delivering exceptional services in the real estate landscape.

This year’s success builds upon our previous accolades, and we proudly add these new honours to our collection. In 2022, we clinched the coveted Top Star Brands Award for Top High-End Properties Management and the Real Estate 100 Award for Best High-End Property Agency. The journey of recognition started in 2021 when we were honoured with the Real Estate Excellence Award for Most Preferred High-End Real Estate Agency.

As we look back at our journey, each award represents not just a recognition of our efforts but a celebration of the trust our clients and partners place in us. It is with gratitude and enthusiasm that we continue to shape the future of real estate, always aspiring to surpass expectations and redefine industry standards.

Developing Our Management Team

The heartbeat of any successful agency lies in the strength and capability of its management team. At Eden Heights Realty, we recognize the pivotal role that leadership plays in our journey towards excellence, and in 2023 we embarked on a transformative journey through the Management Development Programme offered by the African Management Institute (AMI).

The program, meticulously crafted, focused on empowering our now graduated key team members to drive performance and foster a culture of empowerment within our organization. Throughout the Management Development Programme, our team delved into a diverse range of topics essential for effective leadership. From honing problem-solving skills to mastering the arts of performance management, coaching, team dynamics, and refining influence and communication, the program was a comprehensive exploration of leadership excellence.

Our directors, the architects of Eden Heights Realty’s success, also actively enrolled in AMI’s Aspire Business Growth Programme in collaboration with Stanford Seed. The Aspire Business Growth Programme is a beacon for transformation, arming our leaders with the skills, tools, and strategies necessary to unlock untapped potential.

By actively participating in both the Management Development Programme and the Aspire Business Growth Programme, we were not only investing in the professional development of our team but also charting a course for the sustainable growth and development of our agency.

Building Capacity

In a proactive effort to enhance our employees’ skill set and deepen their understanding of the diverse facets of property management, we engaged industry for comprehensive training sessions.

Over the course of several months, our team underwent specialized training in key areas, ranging from pool and pump maintenance to security protocols and lift operations. These trainings took place onsite at some of the large properties we manage, and included more than 30 employees, each focusing on their respective areas of expertise.

Moreover, in an effort to foster a holistic understanding of our operations, we conducted a company-wide general operation training. This all-encompassing approach ensured that every member of the Eden Heights team is well-versed in the various facets of our operations, contributing to a seamless and unified service delivery.

Nurturing Connections and Well-being

Beyond the realms of professional skills, we recognize the importance of fostering a harmonious and connected team. In April, we organized a dedicated team-building event for caretakers, a crucial component of our workforce responsible for the day-to-day management of our properties.

For this event, we invited a specialist to address topics of paramount importance, including mental health, addiction, and nutrition. Our commitment to the well-being of our team goes beyond professional development; it encompasses every aspect of their lives. As we continue to invest in the personal and professional growth of our team, we are confident that these initiatives will not only fortify our internal culture but also translate into an enhanced experience for our clients and partners.


Supporting our Community

As we continue to grow, we recognize the importance of giving back and making a positive impact on the communities we serve. In an ode to local talent and craftsmanship, we organised a vibrant Market Day that showcased the skills of local craftsmen and suppliers. Farmers had the opportunity to sell fresh produce, while artisans displayed an array of curios, paintings, and jewellery.

This initiative not only promoted local businesses, but also supported The Nest, a local children’s home that Eden Heights Realty proudly supports as part of our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact. This Holiday Season, our team also led a drive to contribute not only essential items such as food, clothing, and toys, but also furniture and laptops.

As we continue to grow and evolve, Eden Heights Realty remains dedicated to initiatives that extend beyond the scope of real estate. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility reflects our belief in the interconnectedness of our success with the well-being of the communities we are a part of.

Celebrating Success and Embracing the Future

2023 was a year of milestones, learning, and making a positive impact on the communities we serve. To mark the culmination of a successful year, we hosted a holiday party where our team, clients, and industry stakeholders came together to celebrate our collective achievements. It was a moment of camaraderie, gratitude, and shared success, setting the tone for the festive season and expressing our appreciation for everyone who has been part of the Eden Heights family. 

Our agency has continued to grow in scope and services in 2023, adding to our property management portfolio and expanding from national operations in Kenya to regional projects in the greater East Africa area. We are so proud of our successes last year, and look forward to continuing to serve our clients in a prosperous 2024!