With systems in place, owners, tenants and property managers can always find a way to live / work in harmony.

Examples of gated communities are apartment buildings, townhouses, and stand alone homes within gated estates.  As a resident with pets, if you choose to live in a gated development please be mindful about the following:

  1. The moment your dogs are in the outdoors please ensure they are with an adult, you know your pets better than anyone, their mood, their vibe and most importantly their temperament.
  2. In apartment buildings and townhouse development, children usually get together and enjoy themselves in the common areas, i.e. parking lots, clubhouses & the poolside. Do not leave your dogs unattended. Safety first! Have them on a leash as you walk around with them especially because of other dogs within the premises, and also to avoid attacks/ accidents with residents.
  3. If you take them on walks around the neighborhood, the same applies – leash please.
  4. Please be mindful about hygiene and cleanliness, property managers and their teams on ground, work very hard to make the development look and feel beautiful. Please clean up after your fur babies if they “you know what” in the common areas! Establish set bathroom routines 😉
  5. Request for extra grills, a lovely hedge/ fence etc. from property management should you need one in order to keep your pets within your home but safe and comfortable.
  6. Be mindful/ sensitive towards your neighbors choices, ensure your dogs and cats do not go into their spaces if they are not welcome. Remember, to each their own – you love your pets, they might not! Train your pets accordingly.
  7. Get your pets vaccinated on time to avoid any issues with neighbors in the event there is an attack/ accident.
  8. Keep them happy, healthy and entertained so that they are content, well behaved and not seeking attention from neighbors.
  9. Cooperate – please follow the pet policy that is in place. The Property management team has implemented it for valid reasons.


Written By,

Evone Selvarajah.