Moving houses is unavoidable at one point or the other in life. It can be a hustle especially when you do not know where to start. Luckily, we at Eden Heights, have got you covered. Just follow the below 10 tips to consider with your property search to find that ideal house that you can call home!

  • Write down as much detail as possible of your dream home and have your description saved on all devices i.e. laptop, phone etc. This will make emailing/sharing quicker once you identify the agents you are going to partner with in regard to your requirement.
  • Partner with a registered and licensed agent/estate agency to avoid disappointment!
  • Do not engage with agents who ask for viewing fees, this is illegal. Please note that commission is payable by the owner of the property unless indicated otherwise by the owners themselves.
  • Do your best to narrow down the number of agents you do viewings with because the chances of being shown the same properties by all of them are quite high.
  • Be straightforward and open with your feedback after viewings so that agents know where they stand and what direction to take next.
  • If you have seen a property that you truly feel is ideal, then do your best to make decisions as great properties do not stay for too long in the market.
  • Be clear about your property requirement, e.g. location, price, amenities, type of property, proximity to your office, etc. details will help agents choose the most suitable listings for your consideration.
  • Keep your agent in the loop at all times and do not try to approach owners directly. Professional agents work very hard to build their network and keep their business running.
  • Ask as many questions as you like during the viewing, take notes as well as pictures in order to make your reviewing/ decision-making process easier.
  • Patience is a great virtue and timeliness is next to Godliness! Be punctual and understand that every agent has a unique style with his or her viewing approach.

Happy house hunting!


Written By,

Evone Selvarajah.