For the past six months, key Eden Heights team members have taken part in the Management Development Programme from the African Management Institute (AMI), and we are very pleased to announce the graduation of Gilsom Ngugi, Isaac Chege, Purity Nekesa Muganda, Mercy Wanja and Lilian Nduachi! A massive congratulations to them – they have truly made the most out of this programme, diving deep into the courses and taking full advantage of all of the opportunities it presented.

In addition to the Management Development Programme, our directors are also enrolled in AMI’s Aspire Business Growth Programme, which is offered in partnership with Stanford Seed. Eden Heights is proud to take part in both programmes, which help to support professional development in our team and enable the growth and development of our agency.

“These courses have definitely elevated the level of professionalism for all of us,” said Founder and Sales Director Evone Selvarajah, “Our team is implementing learnings and utilising all of the resources, tools and materials we were able to access.”

The Management Development Programme is focused on helping team leaders learn how to drive performance and empower their staff. At the outset, participants begin with their Change Challenge, a goal setting initiative that helps drive their specific areas of learning. Key topics covered in the course include problem solving, performance management, coaching, team dynamics, influence & communication, and much more.

The AMI learning approach provides practical lessons, with both online courses and in-person Learning Labs. Participants also gain access to useful, functional tools, which give them resources to put their lessons into practice.

“The courses were so real, not like in college or high school,” said Operations and HR Director Lilian Nduachi. “These are so specific to the work environment, so you learn something and can even begin applying it that same day. The courses were so practical.”


Eden Heights is committed to supporting our employees in their career development, and this course was an excellent opportunity that they utilised to the fullest. Our management team developed skills that they will put into practice in day-to-day operations, and in long-term strategic planning. The efforts of our entire staff make Eden Heights a premium agency, and through the courses in the programme, our managers are now in a better position to lead the training and development of others.

“The Management Development Programme has taught us how to offer guidance, and to take opinions,” said Real Estate Agent Gilson Ngugi. “We have learned how to identify the strengths of other staff members and build them up.

Our Directors, Vini Shamji and Evone Selvarajah are nearing the end of their own programme with AMI, the Aspire Business Development Programme in partnership with Stanford Seed. Focused on growth, the programme equips participants with skills, tools and strategies to unlock potential. Phases focus on laying the foundations for growth, leadership, innovation, financial analysis, staff and process development, and creating a growth plan. The training comprises online learning, powerful facilitator-led experiences, and peer-to-peer support.

“We are in a programme with other business leaders, and so you hear about their day-to-day experiences and what they are doing to improve,” said Vini. “Of course each business is different, each client is different, but the learnings all meet somewhere. At a management level or a director level, we’re talking with someone from Nigeria, from Uganda, from all over, and we’re hearing about different ways of doing things. It has been very eye opening for us.”

While the Aspire programme is still ongoing, we were thrilled to celebrate the success of our Management Development Programme participants with a graduation ceremony in conjunction with AMI. Learner Success Manager Collins Ndolo and Client Success Lead Martin Mwangi attended from AMI, and helped Evone and Vini present certificates to the graduates. This was a wonderful, celebratory event, with flowers, cake and toasts to celebrate the hard work of Gilsom, Isaac, Purity, Mercy and Lilian over the past six months!

Back in our offices, their efforts have already started to pay off.

“We’ve already started implementing learnings from the course,” said Lilian. “One thing we have agreed is, not everyone took the course, so we are going to train those who are below us based on what we have learned. Through training them, we will also perfect and apply what we’ve learned.” 

Overall, these programmes will have a lasting effect on the operations and growth of Eden Heights, and the directors will continue to prioritise professional development for staff. This is a key pillar of our success, ensuring that we are always striving to improve.

“The courses have helped us understand how important it is to keep motivating our teams, and to encourage them to work collaboratively,” said Evone. “It gives us strategies and tools to ensure that there are no communication gaps, to ensure that we’re aligned at all times, to make sure that we are providing the best service possible to our clients.”