When looking at renting or buying property, 2 different models are available to choose from; single homes or gated community living. The type of model to buy or rent into is very dependent on the consumer and there specifications. So below we shall break down the advantages and disadvantages of both options for one to make a more informed decision.

Gated community living


  • Reduced running cost
  • Mixture of different cultures brings integration amongst those who dwell.
  • Shared communal facilities
  • Security in numbers
  • The occupants have control over what improvements/ maintenance can be done on the property


  • You may have not have control on implementation time frames of improvements or modifications
  • You have no control on who your neighbours are at times leading to misunderstandings due to behaviors or mannerisms.
  • Disputes amongst owners failing to agree on development or security agenda that will benefit the residents.
  • You are limited in home improvement as there rules and regulations in gated community living to abide by.
  • Most gated community living do not allow pets or have very strict rules about them
Single Homes

This refers to a home that is built independently on a parcel of land. This is ideal of a big families or those who value space and privacy.


  • You have space in form of a compound that can be used and designed to your needs e.g. lawns, kitchen gardens, play area for kids.
  • You can make approved council alterations to update the home to your liking without having to hold.
  • Most townhouses do not permit pets but with a standalone you are free to keep pets and even do some agriculture if your space allows


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